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City Labs, Inc. is an innovative manufacturer of long-life Tritium betavoltaic batteries for microelectronics, sensors, and other small devices; these rugged batteries can be utilized in the areas of defense, homeland security, medical device technologies, and other industrial/engineering applications.

Founded in 2005, the company’s team of scientists and engineers has developed batteries with a 20+ year lifetime of continuous power without the requirement for replacement or recharging. The NanoTritium™ battery can energize a broad range of devices where battery replacement is difficult, impractical, or even life-threatening.

  • City Labs' NanoTritium™ battery is the first to market with the industry's only Generally Licensed betavoltaic battery, permitting sales distribution throughout the United States.
  • The NanoTritium™ battery can now be provided to the end-user without any specialized radiological training or burdensome regulatory documentation.


In the News...

The NanoTritium™ betavoltaic power source provides a source of continuous nanoWatt power for twenty years or more in microelectronic platforms.


Independent Third Party Testing

City Labs rugged NanoTritium™ batteries were subjected to thermal, vibration and altitude testing by Lockheed Martin. It should be noted that after thermal cycle exposure to the following


City Labs' NanoTritium™ battery technology has potential applications in numerous markets, where long-lasting, continuous, rugged low-power sources are crucial to mission success and operating requirements.

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