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City Labs, Inc. was founded in April 2005 by two Miami entrepreneurs with one single overriding passion of creating a high-tech company in South Florida. Dr. Peter Cabauy and Mr. Denset Serralta led a team of scientists and engineers from national laboratories and universities to create the first commercially available Tritium Battery. The City Labs battery supplies continuous low power for a period of over 20 years for microelectronics, sensors, actuators, and other devices commonly used in defense, homeland security, commercial and medical industries. City Labs' first prototypes for the NanoTritium™ battery were developed in December 2008 and were provided to Lockheed-Martin for thermal, vibration, and pressure testing. The NanoTritium™ battery is designed towards applications associated with memory backup power for enhancement of encryption security in defense systems.


City Labs has focused efforts on marketing and obtaining regulatory licensure that permits commercial distribution. The NanoTritium™ battery has now achieved regulatory approval, which provides end-users with the following benefits:


  • Receipt of the battery without regulatory involvement
  • Elimination of the need for end-user (customer) radiological training
  • Allows purchase of battery without a prior radiation license.



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