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Alex Aguila, Co-founder Alienware


NASA-Sponsored Carrie Meek Business Center






Florida International University



FIU AMERI and NanoTechnology Center




FIU Motorola NanoFabrication Research Facility





Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control



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United States Air Force Research Laboratory


The United States Air Force Research Laboratory awarded City Labs a contract of nearly one million dollars, to develop long-life batteries for sensitive microelectronic platforms. With broad potential for applications in sensitive military electronic platforms, City Labs batteries may reside in aircraft, computers, sensors, radar system, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV/drones).


Alex Aguila, Co-founder of Alienware Inc.
City Labs is financed in part by Alex Aguila, co-founder of Alienware, now owned by Dell Computers. Mr. Aguila achieved great success by defying conventional wisdom in the PC market, in manufacturing, and in selling high-end personal computers at a time when most people considered them low margin commodities. Before the company's sale to Dell in 2006, Alienware Corp. had sales of more than $172 Million and was listed on FORBES and INC 500.

In a recent discussion with City Labs’ CEO, Mr. Aguila stated that “…City Labs has developed innovative, clean technology that will essentially change the landscape of how energy sources are used and monitored. Consistent with Mr. Aguila’s own unique approaches to business practice, he went on to say: "I am very excited to be a part of City Labs, as I have an interest in companies that challenge industry norms."

NASA-Sponsored Carrie Meek Business Center
City Labs is currently incubated within the Carrie Meek Business Center, which is a NASA-sponsored facility located in Homestead, Florida. The Center facilitates the successful launch of small businesses by providing affordable space, shared administrative services; the Center also assists in fulfilling enterprise development needs in marketing, business planning, financial / legal issues, and product development. City Labs currently runs both its Corporate offices and its certified laboratory/manufacturing facility through space provided by the Carrie Meek Business Center.

Florida International University (FIU)

During the first years of its existence, City Labs was initially housed within the Florida International University (FIU), where City Labs benefitted from access to the University’s many diverse resources. Dr. Kenneth G. Furton, Professor and Dean of FIU’s College of Arts and Sciences, has been a steadfast supporter of City Labs’ efforts to develop high technology opportunities in South Florida.

FIU Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute (AMERI)
Florida International University's Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute (AMERI), located on the engineering campus of FIU, is a toll-research engineering center. AMERI’s facilities provide state-of-the-art materials characterization, engineering, design, and fabrication resources for use by its member companies from industry.  AMERI’s Director, Dr. Kinzy Jones, is a consultant for City Labs and provides expertise in materials science, electronic package/housing design, and fabrication techniques.

FIU Motorola NanoFabrication Research Facility
The Motorola Nanofabrication Research Facility at Florida International University is the first centralized facility of its kind in South Florida. Similar to its AMERI Counter-part, the NanoFabrication facility is an open-access initiative that supports nano-scale device design, systems, and related materials research. The facility encompasses a broad range of technologies and capabilities including nanofabrication, analytical instrumentation, materials characterization and process-development laboratories. Fabrication of nano-/micro- electromechanical systems (N/MEMS) is accomplished with a combination of nanolithography, reactive ion etching, and thin film deposition by a variety of techniques e.g. e-beam, sputtering, evaporation, CVD.

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (LMCO)
Lockheed Martin’s Missiles and Fire Control facility, located in Orlando, Florida, designs and manufactures advanced combat systems. Lockheed Martin is a world-class industry leader in technologies related to electro-optics, millimeter wave radar, image & signal processing, advanced materials, electronic packaging, and large systems integration. City Lab provided several of its NanoTritium™ batteries to LMCO prototype performance and longevity testing by LMCO; City Labs’ batteries were found to be robust, radiation leak-free, and resistant to extremes of temperature, pressure, and vibration.

Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC)
The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), located in Crane, Indiana, is the premiere Lithium power cell characterization facility; performance, safety, and longevity testing and certification of batteries are conducted at NSWC’s facilities for all branches of the Armed Services. NSWC houses a unique set of tools and instrumentation expressly for this purpose. NSWC, therefore, possesses the most unique confluence of capabilities for military standard characterization and vetting of City Labs’ NanoTritium™ batteries.




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